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Technical specs on the SA-10 / SA-20

The SA-20 is an 8-position gang programmer that can be used as a stand-alone or connected to a host PC through a serial port. The SA-10 is a single socket version of the SA-20, featuring all the same functions.

The SA-20 and SA-10 come standard with 1 megabit (128k bytes) of memory and can be upgraded to 8 megabit (1024k bytes) using 1 megabit DRAMs. The internal FLASH memory provides storage for your macros, configurations, and file names. Firmware upgrades to the SA are as easy as downloading a file. The SA-20 and SA-10 feature a 4 x 20 character LCD, 20 key tactile keypad, RS-232 and parallel in and out. The PC software allows communication via serial port to 115k baud or parallel I/O 8 bit downloading, 4 bits uploading.

  • Reads, verifies and programs 2716 to 8 megabit memories, 2804 to 28C256 EEPROMS and 28F256A-28F020 FLASH memories.
  • Hex editor with Hex or ASCII display
  • Load and saves in Intel Hex, Motorola S, ASCII and Binary
  • Macros: user-definable operations of up to 58 keystrokes per macro to automatically execute operations with one keystroke.



To use the SA-10 or the SA-20, you must have the following:

  • Operating System: An IBM-Compatible PC, 286 or above, with 640Kb of RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: At least 5Mb of free space
  • Interface: A standard parallel port
  • Power: 125 VAC