Needham's Electronics

The PB-10 device programmer

650 devices supported

The PB-10 was our first programmer for IBM PC compatibles, introduced in September 1986. Our customers have told us that the PB-10 is the best quality programmer in it's price range.

The PB-10 programmer

The PB-10 programmer is a half-card ISA bus programmer that was designed as a quick and extremely inexpensive( 2350:- FIM) solution for programming 8-bit EPROMS and FLASH, and has since been adapted to program 16-bit EPROMS and 87xx Microcontrollers. See the device list for the names of all supported devices.

It's design also gives it very fast programming times, meaning you spend less time programming your part, and more time developing software.

The interface software has a Hex/ASCII/Binary editor with Search, Fill, and Copy functions, and supports INTEL HEX, MOTOROLA S, and BINARY file formats. The software automatically supports "Splitting" data into multiple devices(2 8-bit devices in a 16-bit system, for example), macro capability, and on-line help.