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The EMP-31 is an upgrade to one of the most advanced programmer that supports digital voltages from 1.8 Volts to 7 Volts and analog voltages (such as VCC or VPP) from 0 to 25 volts. Now with USB support, the EMP-31 makes the best even better. It is the fastest, most reliable and most versatile programmer in the EMP line. It supports more device types with larger pin counts than the smaller units in the EMP line. Changing Family Modules is not required as often. The socket module on top of the EMP-31 is removable, allowing different modules to be plugged in to accommodate different device packages. This helps eliminate the confusion often caused by third party adapters. The EMP-31 comes standard with a 48-pin DIP Socket Module and thirteen Family Modules. The unit contains three microprocessors, and automatically performs self-test and calibration verification upon power-up. Needham's Electronics has spent several years developing the EMP-31, carefully designing it to prevent premature obsolescence and provide exceptional value to our customers. Relays and discrete DAC-controlled analog drivers provide power and ground connections. Software for the EMP-31 is windows based only.


The EMP-31 USB communication gives users the same parallel port I/O scheme as the rest of the EMP series programmers, for an extremely fast communication, but in an easier interface.

Programming and verifying on a Pentium






19 Seconds



3 Seconds 



7 Seconds



With it's added versatility, the EMP-31 is larger than our other programmers, but it is still quite portable; since it doesn't fit inside your PC, you can pack it up and take it with you anytime you wish, and use it with any standard parallel port or USB port. The programmer, parallel cable, USB cable, transformer, thirteen Family Modules, and DIP-48 Socket Module weigh about 7 pounds.


  • The EMP-31 carries a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor, and a 30 day money-back guarantee (restocking fee may apply)
  • The EMP-31 is static-protected at the Adapter Socket, Family Module socket, USB port, parallel port, and power connector. The static protection on the parallel port also gives it under and over voltage protection.
  • It's case is made of tough .125" thick ABS plastic.
  • Compliant, for sale into the European Community.


Family Modules are not an entirely new idea. They have been used in other programmers from time to time, to inexpensively route power and ground to the device. When you're programming devices fairly slow, then straight, slide-in connectors are just fine. However, the EMP-30 programs at speeds near the theoretical maximum of some devices, so the digital signals traveling to the device must be clean, and the power and ground lines must be solid. Slide-in connectors can experience noise problems, higher resistance, and corrosion.

The purpose of Family modules is to allow us to use a few high quality pin drivers, instead of using a cheaper pin driver on each pin on the Adapter Socket. This translates to cleaner, more manageable waveforms, at a much lower price.


To use the EMP-31, you must have the following:

  • Operating System: For USB: An IBM-Compatible PC, Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP(for use of USB, with 16Mb of RAM
                                       For Parallel Port: An IBM-Compatible PC, Windows 95 and above, with 16Mb of RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: At least 40Mb of free space
  • Interface: USB port, or a standard parallel port
  • Power: 12-16 Volts @ 2.5 Amp, AC or DC


  • A standard parallel port cable
  • A standard usb cable
  • A DIP-48 socket adapter
  • An AC 110V transformer ( a 220V transformer at additional cost is available upon request)
  • Numbers 300-312 Family modules are included with the EMP-31, in a small carrying wallet