Gottlieb Pinball

System One
Asteroid Annie and the Aliens
Buck Rogers
Charlie's Angels
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Incredible Hulk
Joker Poker
Pinball Pool
Roller Disco
Solar Ride

MPU Board

MPU to Driver Board Cables









A1J5 TO A3J1 MPU to Driver

System 1 MPU to Driver,   Not a Referb.
 All new parts.

Part # CAGS1-A1J5

MPU to Vreg Power Cable

A1J1, MPU to Vreg Cable

System 1 MPU to VReg,    Not a Referb.
 All new parts. Uses the original System One connectors

CAGS1-A1J1-T(Tin) $7.50

(W / Ground Cable) $8.50

 CAGS1-A1J1-G (Gold)
 Gold on MPU side only $12.00

Ground Cable and Gold Pins (MPU) $13.00

MPU, Driver & Sound Board Connectors

Connectors with Heat Shrink Replacement Kits. GOLD flashed pins for better contacts
No crimper expensive crimper needed, Just solder and heat shrink.

Connector Description Part Number Cost
A1J2 19 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A1J2 7.50
A1J3 21 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A1J3 8.25
A1J4 17 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A1J4 6.75
A1J6 9 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A1J6 3.25
A1J7 17 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A1J7 6.75
A3J1 24 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A3J1 9.25
A3J2 7 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A3J2 2.50
A3J3 21 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A3J3 8.25
A3J4 8 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A3J4 2.75
A3J5 19 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A3J5 7.50
A4J1 19 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A4J1 $7.50
A5J1 19 Pin Gold SS COGS1-A5J1 $7.50

Back Up  Battery
Lasts up to 10 years
Lithium Battery Holder And Battery

$10.00 a set

A,  Wires    Batt-745
B,  Leads   Batt-755

Nylon Stand Off

1/2 inch



0.35 Each
$3.00 for 10

NYSOW-1000 (White)
NYSOB-1000 (Lt. Brown)

3 X AA
Battery Holder

 Same Battery Holder
with 2 Pin Disconnect Plug and 12" wires, Larger Gauge on second 1/2

3AABH00     $4.00/ea.

Power Supply Rebuild Kit

Replaces all Electrolytic Capacitors and Connectors

Only $11.95

Part Number GPSK-2488

All IC's


8 bit Dip Switch $1.25


3579.545KC Crystal $1.50


50A 1000V FWBR

Stud Mount



Replaces 25to 50 Amp.
Same case footprint better power

All Capacitors

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All Transistors

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All Diode

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Power (Vreg) Board
Cables and Connectors
Includes Header, Pins and locater Pin if applicable

    Connector Description Part Number Cost
A2J1 7 Pin Single Side COGS1-A2J1 $2.00
A2J2 6 Pin Single Side COGS1-A2J2 See
A2J3 8 Pin Single Side with Locater pin COGS1-A2J3 $2.10
Other Parts
System One Pins

Max. Wire Insulation Diameter
1.65mm or .065"
Wire Sizes 22, 24, 26

 .20 each
  .175 lots of ten
.125 lots of 100
.08 lots of 1000

 Order # 77-2525

System One Pins

Max. Wire Insulation Diameter
2.79mm or .110"
Wire Sizes 18, 20, 22, 24

.20 each
.175 lots of ten
.125 lots of 100
.08 lots of 1000

Order # 77-2574

Molex Crimp Tool

 Crimps most all common open barrel pins

Will crimp all pins shown on this page.

$59.95        Order # CT56-1000




Economy pin remover
Easily Removes #77-2553 pins from header

Part Number # 99-2553



This stuff is so slick it has a warning on the bottle.
So it will work great on your games and vending equipment.
3 ml of the finest Silicon oil in an easy to dispense syringe


Only $3.95 a tube

Get 10 for only $2.50 each, save over 35%

Pictures are for reference only. Color and style may vary.
All COG and CAG parts are made to order and may delay the shiping time depending on manufacturing delays.